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Joint Venture Marketing

Affinity Marketing Division

The Network’s affinity marketing division, Joint Venture Marketing, is dedicated to helping clients achieve their objectives while giving to the causes in which they believe.  We exceed the hopes and expectations of our clients by strengthening their brand or image, maximizing profitability, or garnering higher market share.  Through reaching these objectives and sustaining success, we dedicate a portion of the revenues we help generate to the cause, charity, university, political candidate or committee of our clients’ choice.  By tapping into consumers’ affinity for a certain cause or organization, we translate this loyalty into sustainable financial success for our clients.   

The Network has recently partnered with a software and technology firm dedicated to increasing organizations’ online fundraising operations and their presence on the increasingly dominant social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.  Through our partnership, the Network now offers customized toolbar and social networking applications that provide all types of organizations – political, non-profit, for-profit, and universities – with a tremendous opportunity. 

This technology is a breakthrough in the online fundraising arena, and by utilizing our applications, organizations will develop new revenue streams for little to no additional cost!  Through our work together, clients will have the ability to engage their supporters, increase brand identity, gain almost limitless exposure, and raise funds in a new and cost-effective way.  This method of fundraising will help propel organizations in this modern, web-based world, establish better relationships with the current and next generation of supporters, and dramatically improve their bottom line!
With extensive experience in all channels of communication – television, radio, phone, mail, Web 2.0, web-based advertising, social networking and email – we seamlessly fuse affinity causes and organizations into our clients’ marketing campaigns – helping generate revenue our clients would often not realize through traditional marketing methods.